Our beauty courses offer everything a blooming beautician could need to begin their beauty career, providing not just an important qualification at the end of the course but an array of fantastic beauty care techniques. Future in Beauty offers both in-depth and extensive beauty care courses as well as quick, fast track beauty courses, allowing anyone to undertake a beauty care course that works for them.

One of the most popular beauty care courses Future in Beauty specialises in are the eyelash extension courses. This essential beautification skill is available to understand as an eyelash course in Manchester, London and essentially everywhere across the UK.

Future in Beauty does enjoy helping people enrol in beauty courses in Edinburgh, Southampton and beyond, though there are plenty of more focused beauty care courses for those seeking to hone specific skills. Many of these beauty care courses are under the list of our nail care courses, the likes of which teaches prospective beauticians with acrylic nails and nail sculpting.

Why our beauty courses are useful

Future in Beauty’s beauty care courses help you master every step of the process, providing not only an easy to follow and comprehensive course but one taught by tried-and-true, established beauticians with years of experience. From start to finish everybody enrolling will be able to get a lot out of these courses, teaching tips, tricks and techniques alongside elements some may not even think about, such as how to prepare a client before working with them. 

One of the biggest takeaways from the Future in Beauty beauty care courses is the ABT accredited certification you will receive at the end of it. This qualification doesn’t just prove your skills to the world but allows you to secure insurance as a qualified beautician, which in turn lets you legally practice your beautification skills.

What this essentially means is that you’ll be legally allowed to start making money, or even a living, from your beauty care skills. Whether you simply enjoyed beautifying yourself or you were always eager to make your career focused on beauty care, an ABT accredited certificate from Future in Beauty will help propel your skills and your future.

What other beauty courses can I enrol in?

Alongside the exciting world of eyelash extensions Future in Beauty offers plenty of different beauty care courses, both comprehensive and fast track beauty courses. Nail sculpting glasses, manicure courses, gel polishing and much, much more are available with one of our many nail technician courses, each of which will provide the same style of ABT accredited certification. 

Plenty of useful information about nail care courses, as well as alternative beauty care courses, can be found on the Future in Beauty website. We understand that a quick chat can be incredibly helpful though, which is why we always welcome a phone call or an email. If this sounds like a good course of action to you then give us a call on 01362 423019 or get in touch via email by clicking here

When you’ve decided with beauty care course is right for you, or you fancy taking up a specific nail care course, then feel free to visit our booking page, found right here, as well as making sure the town or city you choose is the closest or best option for you. You can see where else in the UK we host our many beauty care courses on our where are we? page.



Eyelash Extensions Course

Individual/Classic Eyelash Extensions

Client Preparation




Complete Nail Tech Course

Manicure + Pedicure

Gel Extensions + Gel Polish

Acrylic Extensions + Nail Sculpting



Gel Polish Course

Anatomy & Physiology

Demo of Techniques (inc. Colour & removals)

Student on Student Practice

Q&A Session